Nikon Service Point

For over 10 years our ERP-software "CAMtrack" is taking care of business at Nikon Service Point in Beverwijk, Hamburg and Berlin. Many loyal Nikon users have been informed from receipt-notification until the final invoice regarding their repairs and service.

Not a single customer is missed thanks to the extensive CRM functionality, every part that is needed is ordered automatically, the financial administration gets clear and insightful reports and the management can make decisions using a live dashboard with up to date KPI's.


TrainMore is a unique fitness chain where members pay less when they work out more. Fortunately most members pay their contribution in time, but some people need a little reminder.

The small but handy tool "GymCoffee" creates a ready to use Excel file that can be imported to MessageBird, and that is how the members that need a payment reminder get an SMS text message.


Erfrechtplanning takes care of all your worries regarding estate planning and minimizes the taxes you have to pay.

Thanks to the powerful tool "Eureka!" the financial advisors can collect the wishes and data of their clients, give a clear explanation based on live-generated mathematical graphs and finally create a complete advisory report.


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